We believe that humans are one species with different skin shades. We believe in becoming one with the Cosmos. We provide modern spirituality and quantum metaphysics to guide our disciples in experiencing the Cosmos through deeds of love and kindness. Bhagwan Cosmic Light was enlightened by the eternal and magnificent God the Cosmos, to go forth and teach the principle of Cosmic Love – caring about yourself and others and then sharing yourself to improve everything. The Cosmos calls these acts generating love energy, and when combined with the discipline of meditation and spiritual explorations of individual choice, a life of Cosmic love is lived. God the Cosmos stated to the Bhagwan, “Living a life of Cosmic Love is the purpose or meaning of life!” My Goddess Gaia is a sacred garden, and your purpose is to maintain and satisfy her needs. Love my daughter, and I will love you by allowing the Grand Garden Of Goddess Gaia to bloom in glory, peace, and bliss as it was originally written in ancient texts. Destroy my daughter, and I will command her to raze the soil and stagnate the waters until humanity is erased from existence.