If you enjoyed our Cosmic Temple Of Light spiritual tour and want more, please join us and do your part to, “Stand for something good.” Cosmic Disciples encourage all guests to read Bhagwan Cosmic Lights books, Let It Be and Silence Of The Cosmos. They are free here to read and available for download. By coming together as OneFamilyOneSpecies, all Africans with different skin shades we bond through Cosmic Love’s triad of power, caring, sharing, and improving everything we do. Without a unified family in this sixth great extinction and a williness to go Green, Mother Nature will burn us to death without a single emotion. Join us and get in the game, time is running out on humanity.

Here is a parting gift for sharing your time with us. This poem comes from the Bhagwan’s personal collection he calls, The Book Of Bliss. Enjoy and Thank you,

Bhagwan Cosmic Light

Founder – Cosmosian Spirituality

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