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In our previous exploration of the Cosmic Temple of Light, we delved into its architectural marvels, spiritual ambiance, and its role as a sanctuary of peace and enlightenment. Today, we’ll journey even deeper into this mystical realm, focusing on the transformative power of guided meditations within the temple’s sacred walls.

The Art of Guided Meditation

Meditation is a timeless practice that holds the key to inner transformation and spiritual awakening. Within the Cosmic Temple of Light, guided meditations are not just a practice; they are an art form. Trained meditation guides lead visitors on profound journeys within themselves, helping them tap into their inner wisdom and connect with the cosmic energies that permeate the temple. Bhagwan Cosmic Light educates all beginners, or his Photon Spirits, as he calls them, with endearment in Transcendental Meditation or TM. The book Science Of Being And Art Of Living by his Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is read to this day by the Bhagwan. Maharishi Yogi introduced TM to America, and he was the guru of the Beatles! The Bhagwan has tested many ways to meditate, but going back to the basic technique introduced to him by Maharishi Yogi gives photon spirits a tried and tested way to reach enlightenment. As an example, George Harrison was a devoted follower of TM, and his work shows the spiritual growth of a young British lad to a mature, worldly man filled with love, compassion, and empathy for his fellow Earthlings. Bhagwan Cosmic Light has a distinctive style of meditating that shifted away from the traditional sitting position. The Bhagwan cannot sit because of a sports injury from his college days playing semi-professional baseball. Bhagwan’s techniques for meditating are always welcome, and he jokes about his style as the reason for his success. But make no mistake; you will meditate daily with great joy once you take Bhagwan Cosmic Lights’ recommendations for reaching bliss.

The Temple’s Guided Meditation Sanctuary

One highlight of the Cosmic Temple is its dedicated Guided Meditation Sanctuary. Cosmic Disciples adore this serene chamber with symbols, mandalas, and sacred geometry that enhance the meditation experience. Soft, ambient music and gentle lighting create an atmosphere of tranquility and focus. Bhagwan Cosmic Light enjoys the group meditation of OM, or the Tibet Meditation, for the deep peace and bliss that gets achieved while sharing Love Energy. “One of the simple joys of just being while living in peace and harmony with strangers,” says the Bhagwan. “Can we not do this every day and in every way?”

A Variety of Meditative Journeys

The temple offers a wide range of guided meditative journeys, each designed to address specific aspects of the human experience. Here are some of the transformative meditations you can experience:

The Cosmic Voyage: Embark on a journey through the cosmos, exploring the vastness of the universe and connecting with celestial energies. This meditation often leads to a profound sense of oneness with the cosmos. This is an advanced meditation, but one the Bhagwan strives for beginners to try. The Cosmic Voyage is difficult to teach, and the Bhagwan has yet to master a way to give photon spirits a calm answer, but he’s working on it.

Soul Retrieval: A powerful meditation that helps individuals reconnect with lost or fragmented aspects of their souls. It’s a journey of healing and self-integration. This is the traditional Zen enlightenment or ego explosion. Satori or Kensho are fundamental to spiritual growth. The Bhagwan uses The Three Pillars Of Zen by Roshi Philip Kapleau to give Cosmic Disciples the experience of being in a Zen monastery. Bhagwan Cosmic Light revived the famous koan, “What’s the sound of one hand clapping,” to find out who knows and who is a parrot. “One Hand Clapping is such a great koan. I hated to see it get trashed by parrot analysis, so I opened the cage door and asked them to show me how to fly,” chuckles the Bhagwan. It’s fun watching parrots crash and burn,”

Chakra Balancing: This meditation focuses on aligning and balancing the body’s energy centers (chakras). It can lead to increased vitality, emotional healing, and enhanced spiritual awareness.

Past Life Regression: Explore your past lives to gain insights into your current life’s challenges and lessons. Past life regression can be a deeply transformative experience.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide: Connect with your spiritual guides and receive guidance and wisdom from the higher realms. This meditation often brings clarity and a sense of purpose. The CTOL believes spirituality is a never-ending continuum, and no one knows everything. In fact, upon enlightenment, Zen Master’s command you to leave their temple, go out into the world, and then bring something back to share! The CTOL is Bhagwan Cosmic Lights, fifty-year epic spiritual adventure brought back to share as commanded by his Zen masters.

Healing the Inner Child: Journey back in time to heal and nurture your inner child. This meditation can be profoundly therapeutic, helping individuals release past wounds and emotional baggage.

The Healing Power of Sound

Sound is an integral part of the meditation experience at the Cosmic Temple of Light. Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan gongs, and sacred chants are often used to enhance the vibrational resonance of the meditations. The harmonious sounds create an immersive experience, allowing participants to journey deeper into their consciousness. The Bhagwan is a big fan of Choir music, and at the CTOL, we sing modern love songs to generate that old-time Love Energy.” You may not care for Southern Baptist gospel music or believe in their religion, but when you’re singing with people in a choir, who cares? You’re in love with the spirit of just having fun!” says the Bhagwan.

Transformation and Renewal

The transformative power of Cosmic Love — caring about yourself and others, and then sharing yourself to improve everything is an advancement in human spirituality. Cosmosian Spirituality transcended the concept of a physical god sitting in a golden heaven somewhere in space to an energy field of eternal consciousness that can be accessed when a person is enlightened to Cosmic Love. The acts of Cosmic Love: caring, sharing, and improving are the foundation of what God the Cosmos calls the triad of Cosmic Love power. By giving your best to the world and always, “Standing for something good, people become gods!” says Bhagwan Cosmic Light. “Why believe in a god when you can experience IT: the glorious, magnificent, eternal, funny, and best friend ever, only to realize IT reflects you?

Peace, Love, Health, and Happiness, the four sacred stones given by God the Cosmos for living a life of Cosmic Love,

Bhagwan Cosmic Light

Founder—Cosmic Temple Of Light

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