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The temple frequently hosts spiritual retreats and workshops led by renowned spiritual masters and gurus. These events offer seekers an opportunity to learn from the best, ask questions, and deepen their understanding of life’s spiritual dimensions. The temple forum is popular and the most active area in the Cosmic Temple Of Light, holding upwards of 100 guests. Bhagwan Cosmic Light believes in a Sabbath or holy day of the week where attention is given to spiritual growth. His Disciples prepare a cafeteria for the residents on Sundays where they feed and give meditation guidance to the hungry. Bhagwan believes the practice of humility keeps egos in check and offers leadership roles for his inexperienced monks. Working with the local government, Industrial Hemp agriculture was introduced, and this provided instance success as Industrial Hemp provides the most nutritious seeds in the world, can turn its fiber into clothing with manual processing, and allows creating Hempcrete now legal on the international building code for exportation. Using Cosmic Love principals, the local community is growing wealth because of spiritual insights discovered by the Bhagwan and his Cosmic Disciples.

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