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God The Cosmos gave Bhagwan Cosmic Light, the future vision of what his Cosmic Disciples would build using Cosmic Love as a basis for everything they do. The following is what the Bhagwan saw during his enlightenment with God, the Cosmos.

Surrounded by lush gardens and breathtaking natural beauty, the Cosmic Temple of Light encourages visitors to connect with the Earth and the Cosmos. Many find solace in the temple’s outdoor meditation areas, where they can meditate under the open sky, surrounded by the songs of birds and the rustling of leaves.


The Cosmic Temple of Light is not just a physical place; it’s a portal to God the Cosmos, a sanctuary of spiritual growth, and a beacon for enlightenment. Whether seeking answers to life’s most profound questions or simply a moment of peace and reflection, this sacred temple welcomes you with open arms. It’s a place where the mundane world falls away, and the cosmic mysteries of existence come to life.

Remember that Bhagwan Cosmic Light brings people together with his teachings given to him by God, the Cosmos, and his experience of over 50 years in Zen Buddhism, the energy principles of the Tao, and Quantum metaphysics. His Cosmic Disciples create an environment where open minds learn to generate love energy and become the mind of God! Forever improving and elevating awareness on their odyssey, we call life on Earth—peace, Love, Health, and Happiness–from the Cosmic Temple of Light.

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