About Us

We believe that humans are the same and equal; humans are Sapiens with different skin shades who carry Mitochondrial Eve DNA from an East African woman who lived in today’s Sudan. We are children of one universe, part of one Cosmos, and headed towards enlightenment together. Our world is in jeopardy because of the inherent greed found in predatory capitalism and global oil addiction. Our inability to create Green energy and a sustainable economy pushed humanity into a CODE RED warning of impending human extinction. Historically, only spirituality bonds humanity in times of global disaster; Cosmic Disciples bring forth the idea of shared energy: the Cosmos and its command to teach Cosmic Love – caring about yourself and others, and then sharing yourself to improve everything. In everything Cosmic Disciples do, we ask, “Does this stand for something good?” We believe in science and welcome all people who reject Arian Nation propaganda and their concept of race. Pedophiles and acting politicians are not allowed on sacred temple grounds. We incorporate – Mother Earth Spirituality – as taught by the late Eagle Man of the Oglala Sioux within the American Nation of Tribes.

Our Vision

“To create a spirituality with common decency, respect, and equality for all people.”

Our purpose is to give all people a Cosmic Temple Of Light that cares, shares, and improves lives. Cosmosians, through their deeds, become known as people who love and share kindness because they always stand for something good.